Updates from First Payroll

Today employees received their first pay check from the upgraded HR Direct application. In addition to the printed advice employees can also view their own information via employee self service. To login, all you need is your UML email account and password.

While most observations are very positive, there are new things we are learning. Here are a couple topics and updates:

FLSA (Fair Labor and Standards Agreement)

With the implementation of HR Direct, we are now applying federal FLSA regulations into our payroll calculations. For employees who work shifts and overtime,it is possible that you will see a slight increase in the calculation of yoursalary. If FLSA was applied to your payroll, there will be a message onyoupay advice indicating this. Unfortunately the printis a little messed upon this first pay advice, but it will be fixed for the May 29th pay advice. If you have FLSA earnings, you will note that the Rate *Hours maynot equal the Earnings.Please contactPayroll if you have questions.

Lowell had 41 employeeswhohad additional earnings with their FLSA this pay period.

Pay Checks

You may notice there are some new deductions shown on your pay advice. Please review the
Pay Advice Fact Sheet.

Some employees reported problems cashing their 5/15/2009 pay check, particularly at Bank of America branches. This problem was caused by an incorrect (old) account number on the printed checks. The UMass Treasurer alerted the bank once the problem was identified, and UMass has received assurances from Bank of America that the checks will be cashed. The problem hasbeencorrected for future payrolls. This problemdid not impact direct deposit in any way. All employees are encourged to have direct deposit — visit http://www.uml.edu/hr/forms.html to get a form for direct deposit.

Leave Accruals

Theleave accrual displayed on the05/01/2009 self-service advice, may have incorrrect leave balances — the values printedon that pay advice were correct. The values on today’s pay advice (05/15/2009) should be correct –contact usif you have questions.

Eight employees had extra Personal Leave mistakenly awarded to them this pay period and all have been notified. Adjustments will be made to correct for the May 29th advice.

Additional Pay (Compensation for additional tasks)

Some employees are enjoying extra money in this weeks pay check due to some errors in payroll processing. The Payroll Office will be making necessary adjustments and these errors will be corrected for the 05/29/09 pay advice. If you are impacted, you will receive direct communicatiton from the Payroll Office.

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  1. I need help accessing Hr direct. My managers still does not know much about how I can manage payroll printing. Could you please send me a link to the retail training link on the Employee Gateway. and I could do the rest. I still need to to receive printed payroll advice sheets to report to social security.

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