Hong Kong Police Department

This year students attended a presentation and were offered a tour of Hong Kong Police Headquarters.  Our host was The Chief Inspector of the Crime Prevention Bureau.  We learned a great deal about policing in Hong Kong and how theory and practice differs from policing and crime prevention in the USA.

We were also able to see a prototype of a policing robot being used in limited application in Hong Kong.

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The Venitian Casino Macau

Students were given a special “behind the scenes” tour of the largest casino in the world; The Venetian Macau.  Our guide is the Director of Physical Security.  He gave students a three hour tour of the casino explaining the business of casino management, physical security and traffic management.

Since Massachusetts is considering adding casinos, this particular tour was both a well timed educational experience and universally praised by all involved.  We were also reminded that “you can’t beat the house”.

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Business and Security Managers at HSBC Bank

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Here are some pictures from our tour of HSBC Bank’s main branch in Hong Kong known as “the robot”.  I have several contacts at HSBC who each year are willing to take students on a tour of the facility and explain the intricacies of financial institution security.  This year we were able to stop in and see a personnel training session in progress, and interact with  managers about issues such as personnel security and safety, protester management practices, CPTED, client privacy, and general employee management principles.

Later, we discuss our findings and compare them with the principles and practices employed in the US.

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