Final presentation

On July 11, 2016, we’re presenting our final product of our project. The first presentation starts at 9:00 am and we all have maximum of 25 minutes and five minutes for Q&A. On the night before our presentation, I was preparing the PowerPoint late at night to make sure that our PowerPoint have the well design but also not to fancy. I was really happy about the output but what I learn from this course is that things will not always work as you expected. First of all, I’m using MacBook; so on Mac it has their own build-in fonts which different from Windows. So on that presentation day, I tested my PowerPoint on my computer and everything works perfectly. I thought I’m going to have the best presentation. I copy my PowerPoint into the computer that we used for the presentation without realize or look back to check the PowerPoint. Then the moment that it’s our turn, the moment that I open the PowerPoint was the moment that I realize about the fonts difference. I have never make such a big mistake like this in a team project, Whenever I have a team project I always double check more than I usually does. Because it’s a team project so I don’t want to bring anyone down. Especially my team for this program, I have the best teammates with the best teamwork. The PowerPoint was a messed, text are all over the place and even the text colors were changed. I feel bad not just because I work hard and things didn’t go well, but I felt bad that my team worked so hard and we can’t even use the PowerPoint to remind ourselves on what we’re going to talk. My mind was blanked while presented. But luckily I have a very great team that could keep me claim and we’re able to recovered from the struggle and got back on track.

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