Our LONG LONG LONG trip to Hubli, India

I must say the trip to Hubli, India what the longest trip I’ve ever taking. We left Boston, US on Sunday at 10:20PM and reached over Dubai at 8:30pm. Durning that first flight i didn’t get to sleep much , it was long and I don’t know if it was because of the time difference or just that i was uncomfortable but sleep what not an option. When we reached Dubai we we had to wait about an hour or so to get on another that wait was not that long at all. It was about one and a half hour flight. When we got to Bangalore now that was a wait for our flight got delayed for about 5 hours, we reached about 3am in the morning and had to wait until 12 to get start getting on broad, we did not reach Hubli until almost 4pm. But reaching Hubli was worth the long long long trip. When we reach the BVB kids were great, really help full and extremely nice. Looking around it honestly did not hit me that i was actually in INDIA. It really amazing how similar India was to my home country (Cape Verde). I was actually really worried about coming and not being in able to adjust but i did just fine. And i excited to the see India and do some shopping, the next coupe of days will be GREAT!


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