Gaurav Sha

On December 31st, we got the opportunity to meet Gaurav Sha an entrepreneur that actual graduated from BVB. He is the created of Seven Beans, which is a coffee chain shop in India. During his presentation he talked about how and what he did to become a successful business owner, in six great steps. First one was “Ignore the real world”, which meant not to let others put you down, and go with your guts. In the world there will always be people other doubting in you in some way or form just because they are it does not mean you should do that you think within yourself is right and what your actually passionate about . Second is to “make meaning” meaning don’t go by just focusing on making money or you will attract the wrong people, which would end up in bad decision making. Third “Get going! and Keep going” for instance if you have an idea or vision don’t wait to last minute the time is now if your interested in something get it done now. The longer the wait no the more time you will waste. Also keep in mind that quitting is not an option. Forth was “Define a business model” which he described as you should and must have a game plan , one why or other. Fifth “scratch your on itch” meaning to fix your own problems, for example if theres something thats not all that great and means improvement try and improve it yourself, and make it your own. And last but not least is to “Think 10X” if you have any idea about anything you vision and effort should be multiple by 10. I also asked him if he was thinking about franchising and the fact that he said that the next store that they will be opening might be franchise is really excited.
Im truly grateful for having the opportunity to meet him and receive nothing but great advice.

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