Day 1: Sunday, December 27, 2009

I have not been able to access the blog due to lack of internet caf’ availability, internet outages, and rolling blackouts (no electricity), etc. However, I apologize for having kept people in suspense for so many days. Believe me, I found it equally frustrating. In any case, welcome to my blog! J

Day 1: Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our flight was delayed-instead of meeting at the airport at 4 pm and taking off at 8:20 pm, our flight departed Logan at 11:05 pm. I think we all appreciated the postponement of our journey though, as it shortened our layover in Heathrow and bought us an extra couple hours with our loved ones.

British Airways was very accommodating and allowed us to start checking in our baggage a little earlier than anticipated. A few of our 22 boxes of supplies were slightly over the 51 lb weight limit, but we weren’t charged extra.

On the first leg of our journey most of us watched a movie, I watched The Hangover (hilarious) and my seatmates chose The Time Traveler’s Wife (slow, but the book is supposed to be really good.) We all did our best to sleep after the films concluded. I was woken to a breakfast snack at 9:15 am London time, so I reset my watch (reading 4:15 am Boston time) and tried not to focus on or lament over lost sleep.

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