Day 6 — Pizza Chefs

Now that I am a certified Italian chef, I would like to make it aware that making pizza from scratch is a lot more complicated than it looks.

We were greeted by our chef Niccolo outside the Apple Store where he guided us and a few more tourists to the Academy of Food and Wine where we dived right into the art of making pizza and gelato! We went through the steps, first making the dough and letting it sit, then stretching it, how to make authentic Italian pizza sauce, and then we individually decorated our pizzas! My pizza may have stuck to the table so, in the end, it came out a little squished but it was so rewarded to have created the pizza and have been able to eat it. YUM! I will definitely be having pizza parties when I get back to Lowell.

After the cooking class, we took our final stroll to Ponte Vecchio and ended the day with some more gelato!