Florence – Day 1

‌After a long day of travel, I couldn’t be more excited to start our city adventures. Jet lagged and excited we made our way to the duomo. It was still hard to believe we were actually in the art capital of the world. We were walking a bit fast and the number of streets seemed overwhalming. Is 10 days really enough to experiance this amazing city?

After a long climb to the bell tower, and a couple short stops we made it to the top. The view was absolutly breathtaking, and Florance almost seemed to be golden from up there.

There was art EVERYWHERE ! Even on the road sign. Inspiration on every corner and every alley. We even got to visit a cute local art store before we took off on our own adventures at the Costume museum on the other side of town.

p.s – pizza and gellato were AMAZING!