4/10/13 Summit Upgrade This Weekend

This coming weekend we will be upgrading SUMMIT Financials and HR dashboards. While most of the changes are technical in nature you will notice a few changes to prompts, navigation and general formatting. Please make use of the attached

Summit Fundamentals Quick Reference Guide_v11g.doc.

The go-live date for the new version of SUMMIT is scheduled for Tuesday, April16th SUMMIT will be unavailable beginning Friday April12that 5:30pm until mid-day on Tuesday April 16th. We will notify users as soon as SUMMIT is available.

Please note: Saved filters or prompts you currently use in SUMMIT will not be available in the upgraded version. You will be able to recreate your prompts once the system is available, therefore you may want to make note of your saved filters and prompts before the system becomes unavailable on Friday April 12th at 5:30pm.