FIN 9.1 Stabilization (Last Update 1/3/12)

The following message was sent to Finance Cabinet, Campus Project Managers (CPMs), and Module Stewards on 1/2/12. This is an update from the FIN Upgrade Project.

Follow-up on the Finance 9.1 Go-Live Update

We have now been live on the new system for six weeks.

We are pleased to report that the major issues noted below have been resolved:

a. Performance Issues: Since we have scheduled the clearing of Application Server cache on a regular basis, there have been no reports of users being kicked out of the system.

b. Expense Approval Issues: A fix was put into Production last week that will correct some of the approval issues. The core team and UITS continue to test other scenarios. Please note that the issues reported are not widespread or large in volume.

c. Citibank Travel Card: File successfully posts to Citibank and US Bank.

In addition to process improvements, we are continuing to find and fix issues to ensure continued stability of the system.

This will be the last update published in this single blog entry.