Weekend In England

I am writing this post on the plane back to Dublin from England. Three of us from the Dublin study abroad program spent the past two days we had off from class in London. The first day, Saturday, we took an extremely early flight into Gatwick, England. Once we landed we checked into our guesthouse and took a train from the town we stayed in, Horely, into London. In London we did everything any other tourist group would do. We got off the train, wondered around a bit, and hit all the major attractions. Our first stop was the London Eye, but on our way there we saw West Minster Abbey and Big Ben. For those of you who do not know the London Eye is a giant ferris wheel that provides you with a grand view of London’s city landscape. Once we got our pictures we hopped off and headed to Buckingham Palace. The next day, unwilling to spend the money to go back into London we spent the day in a neighboring city, close to the guest house we stayed in the night before. Tired of being tourists we had a normal day of eating Burritos and catching a movie at the cinema. All and all our trip to London was fun, I really enjoyed it.