Friends Abroad

It’s interesting how fast friendships form and dissolve. Much easier to end a friendship than start one but I find I make more friends than I lose. So far I’ve made a few good friends— friends whom I’m sure will remain my friends for a long time. I have lost a friend as well but considering we were really only friends for a few days I don’t mind so much. Of course I apologized and was forgiven but in the beginning friendships are so fragile that they aren’t easily mended once broken. At least she was American. I should hate to lose those Irish and foreign friends I’ve made so far.

The way I see it people are like particles, bouncing around the world. Some never achieve enough velocity to escape the place that they were born. Some are so energetic that they cannot remain in in place. Some particles attract each and others repel one another. Some particles, separated by time and circumstance, never cross paths. That is why one should value the unlikely friends, the rare and the beautiful souls who you might never have met if circumstances were different. Besides, though all people are different those who share a country are more alike than not. Surrounding yourself with reflections of your own thoughts and views does nothing to grow the soul. It only makes it rigid and inflexible.