James Joyce Tower

Today we traveled to Sandycove to visit the James Joyce Tower. It was a very scenic train ride to the tower and the walk there was lovely too. While we walked along the coast, we even saw two seals! I’ve only ever seen seals at an aquarium before so it was really cool to see them swimming around in the harbor. It was very cool to have an experience like that here in Ireland. I know that I could see some seals swimming along the Massachusetts coast one day but to experience that for the first time while I’m also experiencing this country for the first time makes it feel more special.

The tower was really cool, too. I particularly enjoyed all of the first editions of Joyce’s work that they had on display. It was interesting to see how the printing styles have changed since the original publication. The views from the top of the tower were amazing too. Getting back down from the roof was a bit harder than climbing up though. However, it was a fun adventure. The narrow, winding stone steps were something that I pictured when I pictured Ireland so to experience that at least once was satisfying.