Farm Share Recipes

Love the Farm Share but don’t know how to cook your veggies? Don’t want to cook the same recipes over and over?

3 Tips to Utilizing Your Farm Share Contents

  1. Make juice for smoothies
    Don’t always know what to do with your veggies? Hate beets but love their nutrients? Juice em’! Juicing is an effective way to extract nutrients from veggies without having to make a dish with the vegetable. Add your juice to a smoothie or drink straight to utilize your veggies quickly!.
  2. Experiment with veggie noodles
    Veggie noodles are easy to make and taste delicious! Try spiraling your zucchinis with a spiraling tool to make your pasta dishes lighter and more nutritious. Spiraling tools are simple and don’t have to be expensive. I got my hand held spiral tool for under $5.
  3. Add veggies to simple dishes
    Adding veggies to dishes you wouldn’t normally is the key to using them all. Add extra scallions to an omelette, or to guacamole. Add your leafy greens to a smoothie. Make salsa, and more!

Discover a variety on our recipes page.