Went to the highest volcano in Costa Rica this morning [over 11,400 feet, climbing 8000 feet in 20 miles. It was a rare clear day in the rainy season. In fact, we went through the clouds to get there! Walked around [slowly per reduced oxygen], and took lots of photographs. The last 1/2 mile to the top point of the volcano had potholes big enough to swallow your car, so we went very slowly! Pura Vida!

happy birthday Anju!

We had a nice dinner/birthday celebration for Anju who turned 20 yesterday. Today we got stuck in a constuction zone, but allowed me to become a Professor for 30 minutes to discuss a case involving bribery. Everyone participated and gave great opinions. Awesome! We are now back on the coast for a lunch break. Boy, it is hot! We are off to a visit to Boston Scientific this afternoon on the way to the hotel since the site is located 1 hr this side of San Jose, and we didn’t want to drive into the city just to drive back out. After a rest break, I looked at everyone on the bus, and all eyes were closed! I think everyone got tired out from various activities in Monte Verde over the weekend. Its fun for me to see others picking up more Spanish (communication is a big part of any managers job), and trying to interpret the gestures which people are making.
We are now into the second part of the trip. Three more company visits, then a couple of volcano’s and at least one more dinner together on Friday night!
Heidi has been awesome in handing the logistics for this trip. We’ll be back in the states before we know it!

San Jose resting up

After a long day in the air, we all met up outside of customs at the airport. We had a little trouble finding the right “red Mitsubishi van”, but eventually figured it out. We were looking for the Sara Bradshaw sign. Got all signed into the hotel and got our bearings from Heidi. After a hardy lunch, picked up provisions at the local supermarket for snacks between meals. My first recollections of San Jose is that it a lot of the polution is gone. Drivers even stopped for me in the crosswalk! (very unlike other parts of Latin America.) Tonight we are having an orientation to get our schedules together, and then the welcoming feast. Tomorrow morning we meet Edwin Garro, a UMassLowell grad in his office, to get his perspectives on Costa Rican business. Tomorrow we promise to post some pictures.

Estoy lista para ir


Yo soy una de los professores de la classa que van a ir a Costa Rica. Nosotros van a visitar cinco empresas, y tambien differente lugares turisticas. Yo creo esta viaje van a estere un buen experiencia para todos. [Your first assignment is to try and figure out what I just said]


Dave Lewis