Mas Adventure

Hasta la vista Monteverde, or as I still, and will forever call it: the village of the clouds. What an amazing time we had in these mountains, where we got to be kids again, juice boxes from Dos Pinos included.  I know that may sound strange, but it has been a while since I had the excitement of a 10 year old and wore the same smile to go with it for the entire day.   Monteverde has so much to offer with their ecotourism, with each excursion more enjoyable then the last.  I got to be an explorer, as I went deep into the cloud forest, both day and night, looking for creatures while listing to the orchestra of the woods.  Our group found tree frogs, tarantulas, anteaters, humming birds, motmots, and even the show stopper, The Tree-toed Sloth.  We then got to pretend to be vaqueros and Indians, as we mounted are noble steeds, and rode through the steep hills that overlooked vast valleys to the Pacific Ocean.  (And yes, I was singing country songs the entire time)  We then were given the power of flight, as we traveled liked the birds, soaring some 400 ft above the ground from tree top to tree top on a vast network of cables.  Oh, Monteverde, I thank you for showing me the beauty of your lands and I wait with excitement till my eyes lay upon your magnificence again.


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