Today was a great day. We visited Edwin and his company, Performance Excellence Solutions (PSX). I love listening to Edwin. He is so insightful and a joy to be around. I am always interested in what he has to say. He really opened my eyes to thinking of things that I wouldn’t think of on a day to day basis. He came to Lowell during the spring semester and it was nice to see a familiar face who also recognized me. I am really excited to see John again as well. I also met him in Lowell for the first time during the semester and he is an awesome story teller. He is very personable and when he first explained what he does in his workplace I took great interest and hoped that we would visit his company and now we are! We will be seeing Vitec tomorrow morning.
The group has talked about going to Monteverde and how cold it may be. We are leaving in two days. I didn’t bring pants so I’m hoping I will survive the cold with my leggings and light jacket. Maybe I will be able to pick up a pair of pants before or on the way. I have heard wonderful things from Lisa about Monteverde. She is the one who said it is cold. Of course all of the girls wear jeans and boots around here. The rain is just phenomenal. Cindy and I ventured off from the group for dinner and took an exciting taxi to a little Italian restaurant down the street and walked back in the rain. It was nice to get out and see the place on our own. Bye for now and I will talk to you later!