Writing a Business plan is fun!!!!!

     As a student for about 10 years at school in Haiti and the USA, I have experienced how to do a research. I have done many. For me, I have always tried to find something that already exist, it could be an existing product or services and on what I can find many articles talking on. My only objectives is to produce a reflection paper. Two of them are included in my resume as an effort to come up with my own understanding based on previous existing realities. I don’t know if it is common to everyone, the road from theory to reality is hard.  How to make things happen?

I have always learn how to study and being a  test taker to have a good grade. But for now, with this Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshop made in China 2018, I have finally learned how to turn plan into execution. The execution passes by writing a business plan:

I was amazed either to hear from the CEO of Thanksgiving Tea in UPACK Incumbents about the chicken. We may not have our own Chicken, but we can borrow the chicken and produce eggs. This is exactly how to picth to VC. We have heard from a CEO of a start up, which is a temporary business repeatable and scalable.



Writing a business plan is hard and fun!!!