American Chinese Food vs Chinese Food

Chinese food in America is FRAUD. We have all had those late-night take-out from our local Chinese restaurant where we get the fried rice, chicken wings and crab ragoons. However, this is foreign to China. There is so much more to Chinese food than what we see in the American menus. In our time in China, we have had all types of foods from quail eggs to chicken feet. One of the most prominent characteristics to the restaurants we’ve been taken to is the glass turn tables. The servers place all the food here and the individual will spin it around to serve themselves with chopsticks. Below you can find some pictures of the food we had tried in Yangzhou.


Additionally, when we met our groups for the project, my groupmate, Mickey, who is a Nanjing native, gave us some Chinese dumplings called Zongzi. These specific dumplings are vegetarian, made of rice and beans then covered by leaves. This Chinese dish is made once a year for the Dragon Boat Festival which will be held June 18. I was never a big fan of Chinese food back home, however after trying the food here, I have become more open minded, aware, and appreciative of the Chinese culture.