Flamenca Dancing


The stage where the performance took place.

This past Friday a group of us went to a Flamenca show! When we walked in, it was completely not what I expected at first. I was expecting your typical theater, with a bunch of seats and a big stage in front. Here at the Peña Flamenca La Perla in Cádiz, there were a bunch of tables, where you could get dinner and drinks, with friends and family, with a smaller stage up front. Walking in, I felt a sense of community right away. Once the show started, it was again not at all what I expected. (I guess I really didn’t know what to expect at all). There were 5 performers; a lead singer, a guitarist, two back up singers, and a dancer. I thought that Flamenca was a happy dance, with a lot of cheering each other on and smiling. But it was actually kind of the opposite. The lead singer looked very distraught while singing, to a point where she almost had tears down her face. The dancer was very serious as well, she never smiled and all of her movements were very strong and abrupt. I really enjoyed the show! I could tell how passionate all the performers were and how much of a tradition this type of dancing was for everyone in the audience. I am really happy I got to experience Flamenca dancing while I was in Spain.

This was the dancers first outfit.

This is the dancers second outfit, after a 10 minute intermission.