Cádiz C.F vs Cordoba C.F

On Saturday, May 20th Cádiz c.f hosted their Andalucian rivals Córdoba c.f at the Estadio Ramon de Carranza. Both teams play in the second division of Spanish soccer, meaning that if they finish high enough in the table, they have a chance at playing soccer in one of the world’s best leagues, the Spanish Primera Division.

I arrived to the stadium about an hour before kick off and the most of the supporters had already arrived, singing and chanting for their beloved Cádiz. I pushed through the crowds to the ticket booth and purchased a ticket for €30 (there are two ticket options, one in the upper deck for €25 or one in the lower deck for €30). To my surprise my €30 ticket was in the front row and center field, something unheard of in most American sports. I stopped by a vendor and bought a Cádiz c.f scarf for €5 before journeying into the stadium.

The atmosphere inside the stadium was something that many American soccer fans have only seen on television. The stands were shaking with the cheers of fans as the players came onto the field and did not stop shaking until the final whistle. It was amazing seeing the amount of pasion that the people of Cádiz had for their team.

After a scoreless first half, Cádiz opened the scoring with a free kick just outside the Córdoba penalty area. The stadium exploded into cheers and I too joined in on the celebration. Córdoba leveled the score in the 74th minute and the game ended in a draw. Despite their failure to get the win, the Cádiz supporters left the stadium hopeful for future wins.

The game was a fascinating spectacle and I would recommend anyone visiting Spain to attend a soccer game, whether in the first or second division. Vamos Càdiz!