Self Care While Studying Abroad

Study abroad is an exciting, enthralling and EXHAUSTING experience.

The adrenaline from the first few weeks will leave you ready for anything – catching a flight at 3am and then a full day of sight seeing and then plans to mingle with local nightlife.

Pushing your self physically, mentally and emotionally are common during travel. You’ll surprise yourself every time you manage to pull off a seemingly impossible task of making a train or finding your hostel at 1am and not knowing the language.

To be able to do all things – you have to RECHARGE.

Take time to rest and relax.

Although, I might think I’m a world traveler – ready for anything – I still appreciate a lazy day of lounging and watching Netflix. Let your mind and body rest by reserving weekends or days specifically for recharging. You might feel like you’re losing precious time lounging in a foreign country but maintaining your health will only increase your experience!




   If Netflix and Napping isn’t your idea of relaxing. Get outside and enjoy some beautiful weather! I took advantage of a rare sunny day in Belfast. Taking the time to enjoy where you are rather than rushing away every weekend.







Traveling long distances on cramped buses, planes and trains with a 60L backpack on only a couple hours is back breaking work.

During your recharge period find a local yoga studio. Remember! Ask for a student discount especially if you’re in a college area! 

Yoga practices translate over to dealing with stressful travel situations. Always calmly asses your situation. There is no problem that doesn’t have a solution. Missed your train? No problem, you’ll catch the next one. Feeling disconnected from your experience? Take a minute to ground yourself and look at your surroundings with new eyes. Experience your travels as an adventure not a checklist.

To remind myself of these ideas, I checked out ‘Flow Studio Belfast’ to loosen up tight muscles and relax my mind  after a couple weekends of travel.





I had a great session and recommend doing yoga two days before a long journey and two days after you get back! You’ll be flexible for the crammed buses and be able to loosen up once you get back after a good night’s sleep!