Welcome To Spain!

Hi again everyone! So I have been in Barcelona for about 2 weeks and it has been great so far! My program CAPA has provided me with an apartment a few metro stops away from Catalunya (which is like Barcelona’s downtown) and a free unlimited metro card to get around the city. I have 4 housemates who are all from different schools, and two of the girls are actually from New England like I am. Our apartment has a large living room, 2 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and 4 bedrooms. We also have a balcony where our washing machine and clothesline are located. Thats right CLOTHES LINE, dryer machines are not popular in Spain.

There are only 8 people in my program which was very unexpected and bothersome at first to all of us. However, we have found that the small group has made it easy for us to bond and explore the city together. All of our classes are held at the CAPA center, located right in the middle of Catalunya. We have professors from different places in Europe, most of them are from Spain but we do have others from places like Italy and the UK, so we are experiencing many different teaching styles and techniques.

My bedroom, I was lucky enough to get a single!

Our living room!

My housemates & I!

So far CAPA has provided us with 4 excursions, 2 in Barcelona and 2 where we took trips to there cities in Spain. Locally, we were first given the opportunity to visit the Palau de la Musica Catalana. A very famous symphony concert hall where many legendary musicians and composers have performed

The main stage at Palau de la Musica!

Balcony Seating and the stained glass ceiling at Palau de la Musica!

We also visited the word famous Sagrada Familia, the unfinished Roman Catholic church designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi. It was truly a beautiful experience.

Outside view of the Sagrada Familia!

Stained glass windows inside the Sagrada Familia!

Inside the Sagrada Familia!

The trips we were provided with so far, have been to Figueres to visit the Dali Theatre and Museum.

Dali Theatre and Museum!

Me standing in front of many of the beautiful art pieces inside of the Dali Museum!

We also went on a day trip to Girona, where we did a walking tour through the streets to many different beautiful locations, famous churches, gardens, and even the filming location of one of the Game of Thrones Seasons! On both trips we had an amazing and knowledgeable tour guide.


A huge river that flows through Girona!

There is always something to do in Barcelona, both all day and all night (but NOT on Sundays. These are rest days and EVERYTHING is closed). There are so many different yummy restaurants, and if you love seafood Barcelona is the perfect place for you! Nightlife lasts well into the morning here, and the weather is much like that of California with beautiful beaches for you to enjoy the sunshine and palm trees. Like I said before, I have only been here for 2 weeks and I am already falling in love with this city. Thanks for reading!

Our view from the middle of a crowd of almost a million people cheering during the Catalonia Day Parade!