Day 5/6, Azores

We went to a religious celebration in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, it was a beautiful outdoor Catholic Mass, and although I didn’t understand what was being said, I felt the emotion and truly respected the deep faith that is instilled within the locals. Nearby, we met this lady named Marcia who was telling us about the whaling history in Graciosa. Although sad to hear, it was interesting to hear about whalers taking advantage of the ocean view on Graciosa’s mountains to spot whales in the distance. We then went to a The Museu Graciosa, visited an artist’s house which had several rare donkeys roaming in the backyard, and finally got to run with a baby bull after debating about doing the run of the bulls.

Following our stay in Graciosa, we took a flight back to Terceira on our sixth day. We went to the run of the bulls festival and it was amazing. We ran fast and took cover whenever need be. Thankfully, we all came back in one piece. After the event, we got invited to a party hosted but a dad and his daughter. Both of them were excellent musicians who sang songs not only at the party but also at a small venue later that night.