Day 3/4, Azores

On the Third day we met up with the president at the town hall in Ponta Delgada and we had a good discussion about politics and tourism. He was very welcoming and what I thought was going to be a very serious meeting turned out to be a lighthearted conversation. At the end of our discussion he gifted all of us with shoulder bags that included in depth photo books covering the Architecture of Azores. Shortly after, we took a jump flight to Terceira to grab a delicious homemade lunch. The owner and staff showed us great hospitality and treated us like family. Although brief, this was truly memorable and I will always remember and appreciate their kindness.

After our meal, we took a flight to Graciosa and stayed for the next few days. The first thing I noticed about Graciosa was the change of pace and architecture. We all ate hearty meals, but noticed how the style of cooking was different from Terceira and Ponta Delgada. Full of good food, we had energy to tour the island for a few.

On the fourth day, we were up early and toured the town in Graciosa, the sun was beaming and the white paint on most of the houses seemed to reflect, making everything seem extremely bright. Later in the day, we went swimming in a bay followed by a dip in the hot springs, ate delicious fresh caught fish, and explored old landmarks.