In Furnas: Sulfur Springs and a Broken Camera!

Cats and Ducks. Caldeiras Parking Lot. Furnas, Portugal. May 21, 2019.

We visited the Caldeiras! I watched cigarette smoke have a chemical reaction with the hot sulfurous steaming from the ground and got chided for walking in hot zones. We later ate the food cooked in the ground. No one got a picture of the feast, but it was very good! I wonder, if you smoke cigarettes before or after eating the meal, will it effect you some how? I mean, there are already negative effects, but the chemical reaction was very interesting to see, made me reconsider my own habits!

Fountain at the Parque Terra Nostra. Furnas, Portugal. May 21, 2019.

Enjoyed the thermal springs at Terra Nostra. The sulphurous water was very relaxing, I felt the positive benefits right away! Went on a walk minutes before departure. Anna came looking for me, she knew exactly where to find me! On an elevated & alluring side-path. The gardens were so beautiful, I wish I had more time.

Glitched Landscape. Porto Formoso. May 21, 2019

I broke one of the cameras on the 360 camera! This image became as a result. I think it is rather interesting.