Solo Venture at Our Lady of Peace Chapel

View of the Cross. Our Lady of Peace. May 20, 2019.

The group went to visit the holy site of Our Lady of Peace Church. I stood before the immense stairs and considered walking up to pay my respects, but then to my left a tawny cat ran up into the brush!

I went after it, climbed a wall, and sat on the hill alongside the stairs. I thought of scaling the incline, there was a clear path, but I reconsidered. Thought it might be irreverent, when the stairs are right there.

I followed the path the cat crossed, found a maintenance vehicle around the bend. I went further and off path. Found an empty cat food bag, and a blanket.

From a Distance. White Flamingo Flowers.

Became enchanted by these flowers! I began to question their origins. Are they indigenous or imported?

Decaying Flower.

Meanwhile, I hear a large animal grunting at me! I felt a deep fear, but continued to meditate on the flowers. Eventually, I hear someone calling my name! I start running back, but I stop to take a look at my friend in the other meadow!

Bull from a distance.
Close up of Bull.