Emotional Freedom: the Bad Habit of Keeping Your Feelings Bottled Up

By: Fahad Alden, Fine Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Well-being Leader

Why outward self-expression benefits more than just your state of mind

“There was a point where I found myself looking out for people who never cared for me, betrayed me, and didn’t support me.”

Sound familiar?

If you’re like me, you’ve interacted with many people in different capacities, whether friends, lovers, or colleagues. And if you struggle with being a people pleaser, chances are high that you’ve become accustomed to putting the feelings of others ahead of your own.

Even though society oddly praises selflessness for shelving your own emotions in favor of sparing someone else’s, repeatedly assuaging the pain of others while allowing your feelings to be neglected and frequently ignored can have long-lasting and detrimental effects on your psyche.

Suffering In Silence

Being polite is in my DNA. It’s been ingrained in me since childhood to always put on a cheerful demeanor,take the high road, and smile no matter the circumstance. To be fair, a lot of immigrants have this same mindset ingrained in them. This is how we manage memories of war, losing family and how we grasp losing our homeland.

This mindset lingreded  with me as I entered university and the workforce. Being positive or a “hype man” ended up being a main  compliment if not only I would get  Which caused me to associate it with my identity. It is because of this that I wear  “positivity” like a T-shirt, constantly swallowing my sadness to not burden anyone else with it.

By the grace of God, David, a friend of mine, entered my life a year ago. He has allowed me to express who I am without judgment or the desire for me to always be cheery. He taught me that we are not meant to continuously be the rock for everyone in our circle without having anyone to lean on.

Reveling In Self-Expression

I never thought that pouring myself into my creative projects would be the main catalyst to helping me break down my walls, allowing me to fully express myself in ways I’ve never experienced. Pouring yourself into creative work, such as art, writing, or music, is healing because it cathartically releases emotions. Resultantly, you get the end product made out of something dark turned into something beautiful.

I learned that suppressing my feelings only led to being treated like a doormat and contributed to my heightened levels of anxiety, stress, and anger.

Living Out Loud

Unlocking your feelings will open the doors to a newfound freedom that will help improve your communication and build your self-esteem

 You begin to learn the difference between exhibiting decorum when appropriate and completely disregarding your own feelings, growing more resentful as time goes on. Suddenly, you wake up knowing your worth.

 Mastering the art of vulnerability is not an overnight process, so start slow, stay the course, and if you’re in need of a little musical therapy by The Weeknd to get you through the tough times, they’ve got you covered. 

What is it about music that opens us up in ways that no one can?It allows us to feel less alone and more connected to humanity. No matter your age, race or gender we are all angry, sad or jealous at times. It is better to embrace these emotions than act as if they do not exist.

Thank you for reading, and I invite you to check other articles and stay connected for future ones. 

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