Wellness Wednesdays – Serenity Center

Gimp Making – Feb 1 

Students got to channel their inner childhood by making gimp. They got to pick their favorite colors and relearn all the fun gimp designs. Soft, warm pretzels were served, and students came together to make gimp and enjoy each other’s company.  

Journaling – Feb 8 

Students were able to journal to get connected to their inner selves in this workshop by creating their own journals. It was a very relaxing night for students to distress from early semester worries.  

Knitting – Feb 15 

We invited students to learn an easy intro to knitting design and create their own knit projects. Students came together to learn and help one another with knitting.  

Coloring – Feb 22 

Students joined us for quiet coloring with relaxing music. We had yummy snacks while students got to color in a coloring book, enjoying one another’s company.  

DIY Aromatherapy – March 1 

We hosted a DIY aromatherapy night. Students got to create their own aromatherapy blend with various essential oils. They got to create DIY roll ons to rub onto their wrists between four blends: sleep blend, happiness blend, focus blend, & calm blend. 

Meditation – March 15 

We hosted meditation sessions every 20 minutes for students to drop by and join in. It was a very successful event as students came to distress from the mid semester point and were able to channel their mind and body in a relaxing way. Students also looked over affirmation cards and wrote their own on sticky notes to hang up.  

Therapy Dogs – March 22 

Sookie, a therapy dog, came to visit the Serenity Center for this Wellness Wednesday. Over 50 students came by to relax and enjoy time with the dog. We provided fun bone shaped cookies for students to enjoy.  

Mindful Movement – March 29 

Students were able to practice gentle yoga poses that they can incorporate into their everyday routine.  

Sensory Event – April 5 

This event was created for Disability Inclusion Week. We hosted a sensory friendly night where we made bracelets and enjoyed some tea with soothing music. We had different textured food including popcorn, goldfish, Oreos, chocolate chips marshmallows, and raisins for students to enjoy.   

Mindful Eating – April 19 

Students joined us and our campus dietitian to learn to be more mindful when eating to appreciate the nourishment food provides.  
Gratitude Circle – April 26 

Students wrapped up the year with us in a circle of gratitude to help focus on the positives from this year. It was a great way to finish the semester of strong and allowed students to enjoy one’s company before the stress of finals.