The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Final Capstone Project by Casey Tiernan

Before working for the office for Student Life and Well-being, if you had asked me about the 8 dimensions of wellness, I would look at you puzzled. Now, I can easily describe each one in detail with ways you can maintain that specific dimension in your daily life. I had the opportunity to work and create my capstone with the office. The office of Student Life and Wellbeing identified emotional health, environmental health, physical health, social health, spiritual health, financial health, occupational health, and intellectual health as the 8 dimensions of wellness. Each one is important in order to address and maintain the needs of students at UMass Lowell. As a public health major, the 8 dimensions of wellness are very important to me. I want to use my degree for health education and health promotion so this opportunity to work for the Office of Student Life and Wellbeing was perfect for me.

As an intern, I was given creative freedom to design a project that the office would use for the future that could be given out to students. I created a brochure with general knowledge about the 8 dimensions of wellness as well as one way they can maintain each one on campus. I used the office colors and logos to tie everything together. I also created a flyer for each of the 8 dimensions with the definition that the office uses for each (on their website), additional campus resources and websites, and other ways they can maintain their wellbeing such as apps. Once I had designed everything, I pilot tested my project with students who signed up via the Instagram page. I sent out a survey looking for constructive feedback to then adjust anything that needed to be adjusted. I got great feedback from students which made me feel like I made a difference and expanded their knowledge on the different dimensions. The office passed along my project to the STARS team to also use with students. Knowing that my work will be used, and students will get to see it for years to come, makes me extremely happy. I am so grateful to have been able to intern for the office and get to use my creativity and public health skills.