Keep Calm, Finals Are Coming: Tips for Staying Stress-Free

By: Medi Woldemichael, Manning School of Business Well-being Leader

As finals week draws near, it’s natural for college students to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to perform well. While it’s essential to study and prepare for exams, it’s equally important to keep your stress levels in check. This blog will share some tips to help you manage stress and find balance during the last stretch of the semester. Remember, you’ve made it this far; you can conquer finals week too!

Plan & Break Down Material: Start by creating a study schedule that outlines your study sessions, breaks, and other commitments. Prioritize tasks based on deadlines and difficulty levels to maintain focus. Break down your study material into smaller, digestible chunks, focusing on understanding key concepts and making connections between topics. This approach will make your workload feel less daunting and help you track your progress effectively.

Seek Support & Collaborate: Don’t hesitate to ask for help from professors, tutors, or classmates and if you’re struggling with specific concepts. Forming a study group can be an effective way to share knowledge, clarify doubts, and provide mutual support during finals week. Collaborative learning not only reduces stress but also helps to reinforce your understanding of the material.

Maintain a Healthy Routine: Take care of your physical and mental well-being by eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep each night. Exercise regularly to help you stay focused and alert. Establishing a healthy routine will keep you energized and prepared for the challenges of finals week.

Take Breaks & Practice Mindfulness: Schedule short breaks during your study sessions to prevent burnout. Engage in activities that help you relax and recharge, such as listening to music, reading a book, or taking a walk. Practice mindfulness exercises, like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation, to help you stay calm and focused during stressful times. Even just a few minutes of practice can make a significant difference in your stress levels.

Focus on the Process & Keep Perspective: Concentrate on the effort you’re putting into your studies and trust that you’re doing your best, rather than worrying about your final grades. Focusing on the process will help alleviate anxiety and lead to better outcomes. Remember, finals are just one aspect of your college experience and setbacks can be valuable learning opportunities. Keep things in perspective and use any challenges as motivation for growth and improvement.

While finals can be stressful, they don’t have to define your entire college experience. By implementing these tips, you’ll be better equipped to manage stress and stay focused during the most challenging times. Remember, it’s essential to find balance, stay organized, and maintain a positive attitude. Good luck and may the force of calm be with you!