5 Habits You Should Adopt to Improve Your Overall Well-being

by: Medi Woldemichael, Manning School of Business Well-being Leader

Habits can drastically change your life. It all starts with one little routine that you exercise regularly until your mind becomes used to it. It does not happen overnight. It would help if you changed your mindset; after you have mastered your mind and established good habits, success and happiness will be yours.

These five little habits have helped me achieve my goals and will likely benefit those who try them as well.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a strenuous weight-training session or a relaxing walk around the park; exercise makes you more alert and energetic and improves your attitude about everything—at work and elsewhere. Your physical health and self-confidence can both improve with regular exercise.

Live in the present

Today is a gift. Appreciate everything you have:

– Your family

– Your health

– Your experiences

You feel more blessed, happier, and joyful when you realize everything you have.

Plan your day

Planning has power because it gives you perspective and control over your life. It enables you to handle the tiny tasks essential to achieving your long-term goals and offers you a broad view of the maze that must be navigated.

Learn to embrace discomfort

To enhance your life, you must step outside of your comfort zone. It would be best if you broke fresh ground. Make it a habit to push yourself outside your comfort zone.


– Read more books

– Start working out

– Choose healthier foods

Daily affirmations

Affirmations are an effective tool to help us remember our values.

They begin to appear in your life when you repeat them frequently.

Positive words of Affirmation:

-I am in command of my life

– Today will be a fantastic day!

– I can achieve anything I want

-I am capable of anything

Because of these five habits, I have become a healthier and happier person. If you need help implementing these, please come to my office hours (Wednesdays 11:00am-3:00pm), and I would gladly help you.