The Animals of Spain

I am a super big animal person, and this trip definitely fueled my love for animals. To start off, people walk with their dogs unleashed all the time. That meant the dogs were free to roam and come up to as they pleased. I definitely got a few pets in at those times but I was also jealous because my dog was never that good off leash. The Bioparc was probably one of my favorite places I went this trip solely because of how active the animals were. There was a section where the lemurs were just allowed to free roam. My classmates and I also spent almost an hour looking at the gorilla because he was moving around and doing a lot. The elephants were also really cool. We got to see them super up close and they did a bunch of stuff. I had wanted to go back to the Bioparc at some point during the trip, but I never made it there. Hopefully in the future I can go and see it again. The last thing was the cats in the garden next to the Museum of Fine Arts. There were so many of them and I wanted to pet them all. I could have spent hours in that garden just watching and petting the cats. I wanted to go back with food and water for them but I never got the chance to. I’m glad I got to see them though, because seeing stray cats like that isn’t normal in America. At least, where I live stray dogs and cats don’t really exist, because people will pick up any animal they see as soon as it looks lost. I still want a cat but my mom is allergic. However, I am glad I got to spend so much time with the cats before I left.