Graffiti is bad, right?

Graffiti is bad for society. It stains beautiful buildings made by old European contractors and expresses the general public’s feelings. I mean just walk through the beautiful streets of Valencia, Spain. The historical streets of beautifully built buildings with Immaculate architecture, and bam you take a small turn, and you see the horribly inappropriate graffiti of.. a phone with a cat wallpaper?

1. (Carrer de Sant Ferran, 15, 46001 Valéncia, Spain).

No, I swear it’s bad, like further down that same street, and I turned to my right, expecting to see a beautifully blank wall, and poof, I was met with… a small house with a quote that translates to “to travel is to return.”

2. (Carrer de Sant Ferran, 15, 46001 Valéncia, Spain).

Okay, sure these exact pieces of graffiti aren’t proof, but just walk through the old city, and you’ll see what I’m trying so desperately to prove. Just take a nice stroll through the old city, and look anywhere, literally anywhere and you’ll find yourself looking at a horrid piece of… social commentary (3). Wait hold on, what is happening here. Further, down that same street, there is another piece of graffiti that is, dare I say, touching? (4).


 No no no, Graffiti is bad right? Like maybe the cat in the first picture was an evil gang symbol that brings distraught into the city, instead of meaning that the cat was trapped behind the picture which could relate to a deeper meaning related to our obsession with picture taking. Or maybe that house promoted laziness and wasn’t trying to prove a deeper meaning within travel. perhaps the soldier and the angel fighting for an arrow were promoting violence? Or maybe graffiti is good? Maybe it allows an outlet for people to express their creativity?

Graffiti is good for society. Especially noticeable on most walls in Valencia, Graffiti allows for humans to perform their enate trait of creativity. Something that I rave to my friends and family about when they ask me about Valencia is the sheer authenticity that Valencia holds. The people here express themselves genuinely, and their expression can especially be seen through the art splattered on the walls. When walking through the city, I was constantly taking pictures of the random graffiti on the walls. I absolutely fell in love with the different splatters of colors and the deeper meanings that everything held.