Los Pintores

Yesterday at my internship at the museum I had the opportunity to conduct multiple informal interviews with local artists from Valencia. They were holding an art exhibition for these artists, where they are able to celebrate their work together and share some of the culture of the region. The organization Torrent D´Arte collaborates with the Museu Comarcal De L´Horta Sud to provide a platform for these artists to share their work. Although I am not fluent in Spanish, I was still able to ask them lots of questions about their paintings, and where they draw inspiration from. One of the painters Francisco told me that he only paints locations in Torrent because this area is very special to him and it inspires him to paint. I was also able to observe them while they painted, and Francisco showed me how he uses multiple layers of watercolor paints to create texture. All of the artists were very open with me, and had no problem with me taking pictures and asking about their artistic processes. I am learning that the people of Spain are not just friendly, but they love to share their culture with outsiders and welcome us with open arms. These local artists are just one example of the special inside look that I have been allowed into the culture of Spain, and I feel honored to have the chance to talk to these people. They were excited to share their paintings with me, but even more excited to learn that I wanted to interview them and share their passions with a larger audience.