Valencia Internship: My Impression of Management

Now that I have been working at my internship for just over two weeks, I believe to have a decent feel for its management. For starters, the organization itself is called ‘Eixam’, and according to their official website, they are, “an applied socioanthropology company specializing in methodological engineering”. They work directly with local companies and organizations in Valencia by providing them information and data that will help them gain a better understanding for some of the issues surrounding the tourism, pharmaceutical, or commercial sectors. In this particular case, the management of Eixam is really just one woman; Yaiza Pérez Alonso. Yaiza acts as the organization’s overseer and is responsible for planning and executing research on both the quantitative and qualitative level that will provide these institutions and/or companies with tangible data that best suits their interests. In her front stage performance, she has presented me with a very kind, laid back and welcoming persona; one that has made it extremely easy for me to adjust to this unique and unfamiliar situation… Without this, I can imagine that the transition may have been a bit more challenging. Yaiza has been nothing but helpful and accommodating in getting me acclimated to the Valencian culture and working through the significant language barrier that exists between me and my counterparts at the internship (herself included). Patient, diligent, professional and understanding is my first impression of Eixam’s management and I could not be more pleased with my experience so far. She does a good job balancing professionalism with friendliness; her upfront, genuine personality promotes a productive work environment. It is clear who is in charge at the organization, and I don’t mean to say that in a way that makes it seem super hierarchical or anything like that. More so, in a way that speaks on her leadership abilities. Yaiza has made a good impression on me thus far, and I am confident that she will only continue validate this notion.