About The Program

UTeach is an undergraduate teacher preparation program for students majoring in science, engineering or mathematics. Learn more about the STEM Teaching Minor (UTeach) at UMass Lowell.

The study abroad experience is linked to the UTeach Course UTCH.2010 Knowing and Learning in Math and Science. This course meets the Core Curriculum Diversity and Cultural Awareness Essential Learning Outcome. It provides students the opportunity to develop a set of cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in various contexts involving diverse cultural and social groups. An essential pre-requisite to this program is UTCH.1030 Exploring Teaching and Learning in STEM, where students will first experience teaching in schools at home.

Study Abroad Teach Abroad

The Study and Teach Abroad program is designed for the UTeach UMass Lowell student teachers to experience teaching in British schools and learn about the British education system.

The team will be working with professors at the School of Education at the University of Sussex, UK

Airborne Imagery – University of Sussex Campus, Brighton, England.

In addition to learning about curriculum and pedagogy, the student teachers will get the opportunity to visit some schools and spend the whole day observing and teaching in Science or math classrooms.

Cultural Experience of England

We will be based in Brighton, England, a vibrant and charming costal town, where historic architecture meets trendy boutiques and cafes along the iconic pebble beachfront. Student teachers will be able to immerse themselves in the eclectic arts scene, explore the famous Brighton Pier, and indulge in the lively nightlife, making memories to last a lifetime.


The package also include some excursions for the students to experience, among these are Stonehenge and Bath, visits to Castles – Arundel and Lewes, and of course London.

Students will be able to embark on a journey through time at Stonehenge, marveling at the ancient mystery and awe-inspiring grandeur of these iconic standing stones. Then, wander the picturesque streets of Bath, where Roman baths and Georgian architecture intertwine, offering a delightful blend of history, culture, and relaxation.

We will take a train ride (experiencing the services of British rail) from Brighton to experience the majesty of Arundel Castle, a timeless fortress nestled amidst rolling English countryside, where centuries of history come to life through its grand halls, exquisite gardens, and breathtaking views over the River Arun. Then explore the charming town of Arundel, a quaint English gem just a stone’s throw from the castle, boasting picturesque streets lined with historic buildings, artisan shops, and cozy tearooms, inviting visitors to step back in time and savor the essence of rural England.

The final excursion included in this package is a trip to London.