Cafeteria Food at Yonsei University


I’m a student currently in Seoul, South Korea for an academic year and I’ve noticed there’s a great difference between food back home at UML and the food here at Yonsei. Yonsei has several cafeterias serving different foods from different countries. The cafeteria I visit the most often has a main desk where you order your food from.  You receive a ticket telling you which country the food is from and what your number is.  Your number will show up on multiple screens throughout the cafeteria and once it does you walk up the respective stand for what country or region your food comes from (Korean,  Japanese,  Chinese and Western) and hand them your ticket before taking your food. 

All of the meals in this specific cafeteria range from 3-4 USD.  There’s another cafeteria down stairs where you can buy meals from 1-2 USD and another sells meals for 5-6 USD.  These are all located in the “Student Union ” building in the center of the campus.

(1st picture is shrimp tempura)

(2nd picture is a seafood noodle dish)