Fast and FURIOUS


Driving in San Jose is no joke! It’s like fast and furious out here! On any given day Monday-Friday, you will be faced with seeing zooming cars, non-existent laws, and a bunch of traffic during rush hour. The weekdays are the busiest when people are traveling. It’s like Boston drivers and New York drivers out here! If you need to cross the street here, you need to do it at the RIGHT second or you may be stuck waiting another 5 minutes.

Upon arrival, I seen so many cars driving on the wrong side of the road and I was scared for them while they just cruised like nothing else mattered. The motor bikes here just do what they want and get to squeeze through traffic! That is a bonus I’ll say! But I wonder what driving laws are in place here because I definitely would love to live here if there are none! I think the way that locals drive out here is fascinating! I would get to places so much quicker if I just follow behind a few others.

But there are some precautions. I have seen some accidents here probably because they enjoy the fast and furious life. But as long as you keep your guard and know what you’re doing, then you should be perfectly fine!