Inaugural Post

Hey there!

Welcome to UMass Lowell’s Global Correspondent blog, where I will be writing about my study abroad experience in San Sebastian, Spain!

First, an introduction. I’m a native of Massachusetts, and a Junior studying Computer Science at UML. I am a commuter, and also love social activities; you can often find me involved with the activities of two or more clubs on campus! The top three reasons I decided to study abroad in Spain are that (1) I am young with very few grown-up responsibilities as of yet, (2) I love communication and want to be able to converse fluidly in Spanish, and (3) I want to see the world and compare Boston culture with other cultures.

Whether you are a student, a friend, or a family member (shoutout!) I hope you enjoy this lot of my adventures and while I am in San Sebastian. I appreciate you following along!