So I spent my halloweekend in Prague. My friend who is studying in Mannheim, Germany came to visit me here. In America I’m used to halloween being a big celebration where people dress up all weekend. On Friday I was a pirate, on Saturday I was a thief, and on Sunday I was a vampire. However, I found out Friday that people don’t really dress up here. My friends and I went to this bar called Po pos all dressed up and we were the only ones in costume. Honestly, I was still happy we dressed up. I love halloween. Anyways, sine it was my friend’s first time in Prague, on Saturday I showed her around. We found these giant baby statues that are soooo weird but they were fascinating so we got some good pictures with them. I’m not sure why they were there or what they represented, but I’ll look it up eventually. They have them in two different locations in Prague. In Prague there’s this giant T.V tower and for some reason the architect added these giant babies to the T.V pole so it looks like they’re climbing up it! It’s so strange but I love it. I’ll post some pictures of them. Anyways, we also figured out that the bridge next to the Charles Bridge is the best place to actually see the Charles Bridge and get some good pictures of it. The actual Charles Bridge is extremely crowded and also pick-pocket central. One of my abroad fears was getting pick pocketed, and thus far I have not been, knock on wood. But yes if you happen to be in Prague and want a really good view of the Charles, definitely try the bridge next to it rather than the actual bridge. Overall, I had a really great halloween weekend, it was definitely interesting to see what it’s like to experience a different culture’s version of halloween, which doesn’t really include dressing up. Oh well, you live and you learn.14961330_10208644437642001_1699839198_n14570468_10205849468275582_933137283185366135_n14591863_10205849466835546_754943423124341116_n