Weekend in Prague

So for the first time since I came here, my roommates and I decided to stay in Prague for the weekend instead of traveling to other places. Since we are here for this whole semester, we haven’t really put any time aside to go and do all the tourist activities in Prague yet. So we spent the weekend in Prague. Some things to see here are the Charles Bridge, the Lennon Wall, the Prague Castle, and the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square. In all honesty, it was a really nice and relaxing weekend. Long bus rides and plane rides are really exhausting and so it was nice to have a little break and not have to pack up for a weekend. The bridge was probably my favorite part of the weekend. My roommates and I went at night and so the entire city was lit up. I can’t really describe how beautiful it was, I wish I could though. I’ll post some pictures but they don’t truly capture it… It’s just insane that I’ve read about the Charles Bridge and the history of Prague and all this stuff but I never thought I’d actually be living here. Sometimes I take it for granted that I live here temporarily, but other times it hits me all at once and I’m so grateful. I really hope you all get the chance to come here someday. Prague is such a magnificent city and it’s really starting to feel like home. I don’t know how I’m going to leave this place in December. img_6183 img_6119 img_6126