Paradise in Sokha Beach Hotel Resort


Over the weekend, my classmates and I were staying at Sokha Beach Hotel Resort in Sihanoukville providence. Sokha Beach is absolutely gorgeous filled with coconut palm trees and international tourists. Sihanoukville is like the Miami of Cambodia. My classmates were busy lying down near to the ocean shore, while I was strolling around in the area alone. I was itching for adventure, and hoping to capture some interesting scenery with my DLSR camera. I wish I brought my tennis racquet with me, because there was a tennis court by the Sokha Beach. Tennis is my primarily sport. I had been scrolling back and forward the whole time, especially when I was walking on the brick road between two aisles of palm trees. Some reason, I feel a sense of wonder when I like to look up to the palm trees. But I have to be careful though, because there is a sign said “beware of the falling coconuts.”One time, I went to the bar alone and feast on the Barricuda fish Fillet with their local beer called “Angkor” and it was awesome. For a gourmet dish, the food was inexpensive. Sokha Beach Hotel Resort is filled with authentic architectures and scenery that make me appreciated my cultural heritage of its art and beauty. This whole day, I was mediating and channeling my energy as I was harmonizing this paradise.


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