Our Arrival Experiences in Cambodia

We arrived on Thursday, June 4th, around 10:30 am. The first thing that we all felt was the heat, we started sweating as soon as we got off the plane. One of us, Jennifer Sem yelled out “wow! it’s hot here”, I couldn’t wait for us to go into the building where there were A/Cs. On our way to our new apartment, we were really surprised and frightened at the same time about the traffic in Phnom Penh. It does not stop, not even when someone cross the road. Cars and “moto” drivers all just keep going and passing each other on the road, even passing on the opposite side of the road. we were really amazed how people were managed not to get into accidents, with these many vehicles and moto drivers on the road. However, we found out that the leading cause of death in Cambodia is motor accidents. So hopefully we will not witness one of those accidents during our stay (Pictures below).  Cambodia weatherPhnom penh traffic