Friday July 3 Bus tour of Paris

The day started early in order to beat the heat, we traveled as a group to the center of Paris. There we took LOpen Tour, which showed us 19 different historical locations throughout the city.The tour was quite lovely and did a great job of acquainting us with the city. From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triumph everything was so grandiose and extravagant. The main stop we made was the Notre Dame in Paris. The detail of the architecture was breathtaking. Inside contained extremely high vaulted ceilings and very large stained glass windows which, in real life were a lot more spectacular than in any history book. After learning the history of the Notre Dame many of us traveled to a cafe to work on our french skills and enjoy savory treats. Our subway skills were then put to the test as we attempted to make our way back to the cité. I look forward to delving into more of the French culture.