Student Discounts

Ashley Rivera

As a UMass Lowell student, you qualify for a multitude of discounts. These exist in the retail, digital and physical realm. Websites like Unidays are available for free to higher education students to gather a comprehensive list of all the discounts at their disposal. Within the Lowell community, students have access to different discounts as well. These discounts include:

  • Angelina’s Pizza and Subs 5% off
  • Athenian Corner 15% off food
  • Big Poke 10% off
  • Brother’s Pizza 10% off
  • Cobblestones Monday: $5 burgers, 3-6 p.m. in Tavern Tuesday: Buck-a-Shuck, 3-6 p.m. in Tavern Friday: 50% off Friday night late night menu
  • El Potro Mexican Bar and Grill 10% off
  • Emanuel Boutique 10% off
  • Fuji 10% off, cash only
  • Galeria de los Andes Boutique 10% off
  • Gentlemen’s District 10% off
  • Humanity 10% off
  • Jillies Pizza & More 5% off
  • Lao De Cafe 10% off
  • Life Alive 5% off
  • Little Delights 10% off
  • Los Monstros Barber Shop $12 haircuts, $17 haircuts with beard
  • Lowell Burger Co. 10% off
  • Mandarin Bistro 10% off food, cash only
  • Market Street Market 10% off Deli, 15% off breakfast & lunch
  • Mill City BBQ $10 Starving Student Meal: one meat, one side, and a drink
  • Panela 10% off
  • Pizza & Sub Stop 10 % off
  • Powerhouse Juice 10% off
  • Purple Carrot Bread Co. 10% off, cash only
  • REBND Shop 10% off
  • Santoro’s 5% off
  • Sophia’s Greek Pantry North 10% off, cash only
  • Sweet Lydia’s 10% off
  • Time Out Cafe 10% off
  • Viet Thai 10% off
  • Vinann Cafe 10% off
  • Wings over Lowell Coupons on Wings Over App
  • Worthen House Café 10% off food

Some examples of retail discounts students have access to:

  • H&M offers a 15% student discount with your student ID in person and using a promo code through unidays online.
  • American Eagle offers a 20% student discount with your student ID in person and using a promo code through unidays online.
  • Hollister offers 10% student discount with your student ID in person and using a promo code through unidays online.
  • Dr.Martens offers a 15% student discount online using a unidays promo code.

All of these discounts are subject to change.

Cash course helps debunk credit card myths

Cash course is a financial education website that covers different topics of interest to students. One of the topics covered on the website includes the debunking of credit card myths. According to cash course, one of the most popular myths is that opening multiple credit cards at once will get you a good credit score and closing your unused credit accounts at once will strengthen it. Many people believe these myths to be true, but contrary to popular beliefs multiple credit cards can only help you if you manage them properly. Exceeding over 30% of your limit can make you seem like a risky borrower so making sure you consistently pay off your balance each month, don’t exceed your limit and rotate the multiple cards you’re using can help you avoid hurting your credit score. Opening new lines of credit can temporarily knock points off your credit score, so utilizing them wisely is important. The span of time you hold a credit card is also important because it is a part of your credit history, so closing multiple cards at once will wind up shortening your credit history and could hurt your score. Planning ahead and making sure you are using your credit cards in a responsible way can help you in the long run and increase your score. For more information on credit card myths, visit