My Flourishing Fine Friday

The start of a great day

Being able to sleep in late this morning already set the tone of the day. Feeling replenished and rejuvenated from yesterday’s antics, I was more than ready to tackle today’s agenda. When I saw our amarillo (yellow in spanish) coach bus in front of the hotel, my anticipation arose. I was super ecstatic to be on the way to The Valley of the Fallen and view what I have been so longing to see. After copious amounts of research and becoming aware of the basilica back in class, this became the main sight I was eager for. Something about its significant/rich history, along with its massive architecture/sculptures ultimately captivated me. I certainly was aware of how massive everything was but I knew that the reality of it wouldn’t compare to my imagination. 

At The Valley of the Fallen

Once arrived at The Valley of the Fallen I was in utter shock. I was absolutely astonished by the beautifully kept area. The scenery was like something out of a movie. I personally have never witnessed anything like it before. The first thing that caught my eye was the large cross that stood high above us. Soon I was informed that the cross is the largest Christian cross in the world, which is mind blowing. The alluring entrance definitely set the bar for what was soon to come inside the basilica. 

As expected inside one of the world’s largest basilicas, I became engrossed within its beauty. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph inside the monument due to the rules set but even my camera wouldn’t be able to encapsulate the views witnessed. I learned many interesting facts regarding the Catholic basilica/monumental memorial. Class readings and videos could not compare to how powerful and forceful the energy was inside that building. I honestly have no words to describe what I felt and seen. It’s truthfully a sight one must see for themselves to fully understand what I am saying. So if you made it this far, this is your sign to book a flight to Spain and visit the Valley of the Fallen!

(Me on top of the WORLD)

Boats & Blossoms

Once the tour of The Valley of Fallen unfortunately ended and we made it back to the city of Madrid, a friend and I weren’t done with the day’s festivities. We wanted to explore more of this beautiful land. So we thought to ourselves, what better way to explore the land, than to go to a park?  We got some coffee and a croissant from Starbucks and made our way to the Metro station. We proceeded to the Sevilla station and took line 2 and within 5 minutes we were at Parque de El Retiro. This park was the most attractive park I have ever witnessed. Everyone just looked so carefree and happy. Just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. My two favorite sights were the boaters and the botanical garden. We didn’t have the chance to try the boats but I am definitely prioritizing that before my departure back home. Although I did get the chance to enter the botanical garden. It smelled heavenly!

Wrapping up the day 

To wrap up my fulfilling Friday, I spent the evening on the hotel’s rooftop just reflecting and debriefing. Today was jam packed but I had the best day ever. Being educated on the country that I have been residing in for the past two weeks has been a big blessing! I am so grateful to be able to travel and learn the history of past civilizations and explore the current world around me. Spain has been nothing but great and I am already planning my next flight back! Vale! (Vale is one of the most popular expressions in Spain, and you can hear it almost everywhere you go! It’s the way to say “okay” in Spanish & many use it as a response to almost anything and everything)