There are many emotions you feel at the end of any journey; happiness, sadness, excitement, etc. No matter what you feel a the end, it is important to reflect on the journey and realize how gracious and proud you are of everything you have done to get to the point you are at now.

The day I left France I expected to be sad, depressed, etc., and though I was sad I was overcome with a sense of happiness and pride in myself. I lived abroad in another country, I experienced other cultures of the world and saw the beauty it has to offer, I broadened my horizons and made memories to last a lifetime. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing these things.

I also cannot forget everyone who helped make this journey possible for me, I am beyond grateful to everyone who was apart of this. Below is an Instagram post I made in memorize of my journey.

My parting words for ending a journey are to remember your amazing experience and be grateful it happened.

I’ve lived a lifetime in these past few months…don’t really know how to sufficiently express my appreciation and gratitude. I’ve been beyond blessed to have had this experience. Special thank you to @studyabroaduml , none for this would be possible for any of us students without you, thank you for this amazing opportunity. Thank you to all the amazing people I’ve met and great friends I’ve made who have made this experience one I will never forget. Et, ma chérie, la France, je vous aime. Vous m’avez donné une rêve et l’espoir. Je reviendrai, vous avez mon coeur.