Beyond France

While abroad I had the opportunity to see more of the beautiful places Europe has to offer, during my first vacation I visited (in addition to Paris, of course) London, England and Venice, Italy.

London very much reminded me of home (Boston, MA), which only makes sense considering the city was founded by the English. London had a very beautiful, classic feel. The streets were wide and old, the people were warm and friendly, the  monuments and buildings were well-preserved and beautiful.

After visiting London, our next stop was Venice. Venice was unbelievably beautiful, a gorgeous old-world city. We were lucky enough to have had our stay in Venice be during Carnivale. Carniavle is an ancient Venetian tradition celebrated for 40 days during the Lenten season.


Venice was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, it is easy to see how its beauty inspired many famous works, for example Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and Othello.