Shakespeare Is Everywhere

By: Lizzy Staugler

Being in London was an amazing experience. Being in London and getting to see two different Shakespeare shows was spectacular. The two venues portrayed the shows wonderfully, however the best part was being able to be immersed in the setting and scenes of the plays. 

     Much Ado About Nothing was probably my favorite of the two. I loved how they adapted it from the original playwright and adjusted it to fit in better with modern times, making it so we would better understand the jokes being made, and allowing for the story to be understood by all, even those who haven’t read the play or struggle to understand Shakespeare in general. 

     After a couple of weeks in the UK and getting to see and experience all the people and culture around me, I would truly only be able to describe Shakespeare in one way to my friends back home, “everywhere”. Shakespeare can be found everywhere in the UK, in every little nook and cranny you could think of. I found him in places I never would have thought I would see him. Shakespeare has such a hold on the modern world, and is a name almost everyone knows. His influence on today’s society is very strong and will forever continue to grow as his works are adapted again and again.